On Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 the jury of the competition of the festival of the cabins selected among the 38 models the twelve cabins that will could be built. Here is the list of the twelve winning models of the contest:


Project Name
Architect(s) Description Location   Technical File
Le Baron Perché


If from the river bank its shape is full and abstract, from the meadow it offers the visitor a crenellated ramp to climb, for another point of view on the landscape ... Site N°1 - Plage d'Angon
File site n°1
Les pieds dans l’eau BELNOU Louis, VITRY Benjamin, GARCIA Valentin This cabin offers you a corner of shade and privacy to enjoy the sight of the river winding between the trees. Site n°2 - Plaine de Mercier
File site n°2
Le Quai de Doussard   Facing the lake and the mountain, the "Quai de Doussard" is organized as a pier, towards contemplation, reverie and rest. Site n°3 - Plage de Doussard
File site n°3

LE GAL Laura, GOFFIN Pauline, FRAPOLLI Olivia

Like beavers building their dams, like birds preparing their nest this accumulation of wood will be our refuge. Site n°4 - Marais de Lathuile Cabane hors concours pas de maquette disponible  
Les Chants de l'Ire


Only the most intrepid and curious among you will manage to enter this cabin ... You will then only have your ears and a few rays of light to perceive the landscape. Site n°5 - Combe d'Ire File site n°5

En souvenir de l’arbre


The cabin looks out on the mountains on one side, the village on the other side. Thus, it does make makes the link between these two approaches of the landscape. Site n°6 - Pied du Golf
File site n°6

L’Echo du marais


The hut invites the walker to suspend their journey to contemplate and surrender to the different sensations offered by virgin and magical nature. Site n°7 - Marais de Giez
File site n°7
Le Jacuzzi de la Sambuy

CHEVALIER Antonin, BUTTS Matthieu, LAGARRIGUE Adrien, Geneste Simon, LABAR Lucas

On this mountain road near the resort of Sambuy, a wooden cabin invites us to discover a place that intrigues from outside and in which we want to climb to be surprised ... Site n°8 - Station de la Sambuy File site n°8
La Lisière

Welty Tristan, VENOT Félicien, HADJIMICHALIS Lucas

On the other side of the wall, at the edge of the forest, a mirror cover reflects the infinity of the dense forest, and plunges the walker into a forest atmosphere ... Site n°9 - Les Prières File site n°9

Clément Pichon, Vincent Sabatier, Sébastien Granier, Clément Subirana

Two slopes that shelter, reminiscent of the tent and the flavor of ephemerality ... Site n°10 - Ecluse de la Chaise File site n°10

Clément Vanderlynden, Luc Firmin, Augustin Bohl-Viallefond

Omu seeks to evoke to each of us a mythical imagination, putting man and landscape in perspective ... Site n°11 - Plan d'eau de Marlens File site n°11


Spiral allows us to shelter from the wind and to rest while admiring the landscape, one winds up in this space as in a towel ... Site n°12 - Chatelet d'en bas File site n°12



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